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why the hell do babies cry after they shit themselves like u got urself into this mess buddy dont make it everyone else’s problem. like have some fuckin responsibility for once

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1. I still love you, I don’t think I ever stopped, some nights I start shaking so hard I can’t feel anything but my bones breaking and I lose all the feeling in my chest but I still love you

2. I wish you would call me, I miss your voice, I miss listening to you fall asleep, I miss the sound of your breath washing through my hair

3. I planted flowers in my backyard, I was going to yank them out of the ground and leave them on the side of the road to symbolize the death of you and me but god they were so pretty I left them in the ground to rot

4. I deleted your number but it’s still stained onto my hand where you wrote it in green pen 6 months ago

5. Maybe if I could just kiss you we’d be okay

6. I wish I could kiss you

7. I tried to read your favorite poem but I ended up choking on my words, I can’t stop coughing. I wish you were here.

8. I’d do anything for you, it’s really fucked up, I don’t think you care anymore, I’m pretty sure I don’t mean anything to you anymore but jesus fuck if you told me to swim to the edge of the earth, I’d do it.

9. I miss you so much. You’re still here but not like you were oh god oh god I miss how good we were, we were the best.

10. My best friend asked me how you’re doing and I think I started crying

11. I don’t know what I did to make you stop loving me

12. I’m really sorry

13. Please come back

14. It’s okay that you’re not here anymore, I don’t really mind anymore

15. You’re breaking my fucking heart

16. I need you here

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She a down chick 😏

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I don’t care who the fuck you are, or what you’re doing. You can take 3 seconds to reblog this.

I miss you..

That last comment broke my heart..
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Girl, you’re thicker than a bowl of oatmeal.




stop. omg.


Lol #realnigga

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look out world, july cinnabon flavored coffee chillatta is on his way

june matzoh ball soup

july fried chicken

July guacamole
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girls are amazing i just watched my friend change 8 times before picking an outfit you girls are so dedicated to looking good i can’t believe there are men out there sitting in their cum stained sweatpants trying to tell you what you’re allowed to wear

thank you

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"i dont like short hair on girls" yeah well i dont like short dicks on guys but here u are

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I’m crying.


"You’re the worst friend ever" in a monotone voice
I’m very happy

this video keeps me going

yoo fnd was the funniest shit I swear

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look closely
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sad how many people have thought about this.. even me
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sexiest shit ever. trust me i know. haha. that moment where she wants to kiss you but she wont? oh man i dnt think theres anything else so teasing and soo sexy. the kiss doesn’t even have to happen. its just that moment. where u lock eyes. look down at each others lips. touch noses. and smile? shiett. ugh hha. 

ok you settle
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